Have You Drifted?

“I’ve yet to meet a follower of Christ who deliberately set out to ignore God, but many have drifted away because they allowed everything else – the kids, the job, the demands, the stress, the struggle – to get in the way of the precious relationship he offers.” – Randy Frazee

What is getting in the way for you? What takes priority in your life before God? Put God first, life goes best. The Creator and your loving Heavenly Father longs to do life with you- so much so, he became a man and defeated sin and death – that huge chasm that lay between you and God. Invite Him daily, talk to Him daily, read His Word daily, take His hand. Let Him show you the way through in parenting, your job, your life demands, and your stress. He offers you His supernatural wisdom, unfailing love, and perfect peace.

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