Worship is Warfare

Topic: Worship is Warfare Scripture Text: 2 Chronicles 20:1-30 Aim: To help us focus on worshiping God during the battle God gave me this message in early 2017 after my nervous system crashed in June 2016, that had left me stuttering and walking like a 70 year old cripple. A long-time friend invited me out forContinue reading “Worship is Warfare”

How do you enter God’s presence?

This question… “How do you enter God’s presence?”,  is so beautiful and has been asked of me many times lately. The answer from God’s Word is so refreshing… 1. Be still. Get quiet to allow Him to lead you. Ps 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, IContinue reading “How do you enter God’s presence?”

Your Religion Is What You Do With Your Solitude | Cru Press Green

“Usually I’m really good at skimming over great spiritual truths. But for some reason when I read that sentence from Tim Keller’s Counterfeit Gods, it stopped me in my tracks…” Read… Your Religion Is What You Do With Your Solitude | Cru Press Green.

My Morning Worship (Day of Prayer)

I am meditating on this passage this morning in my day of prayer… “Let the name of the [Lord] be praised now and forever. From dawn until sunset the name of the [Lord] deserves to be praised. The [Lord] is far above all of the nations; he is more glorious than the heavens. No oneContinue reading “My Morning Worship (Day of Prayer)”

Our Response

“Worship is the believer’s response of all that he is – mind, emotions, will, and body – to all that God is and says and does. This response has its mystical side in subjective experience, and its practical side in objective obedience to God’s revealed truth. It is a loving response that is balanced byContinue reading “Our Response”

Ten Practical Preparations for Hearing the Word of God on Sunday Morning

“As we enter the sanctuary, let us “come on the lookout for God and leave on the lookout for people.” Come with a quiet passion to seek God and his power. We will not be an unfriendly church if we are aggressive in our pursuit of God during the prelude and aggressive in our pursuitContinue reading “Ten Practical Preparations for Hearing the Word of God on Sunday Morning”

Hanging On Because You Have To

Aug 29-2010: It’s very hard to not let others’ pessimism affect you while in ministry. This has been one of those years for me. Those who are slowly dying in their faith and trust of a Big God can slowly paralyze you too if you’re not careful. You ask for prayer for families in crisisContinue reading “Hanging On Because You Have To”