Do Leaders Need to Repent?

Do leaders need to repent …or can they sweep things under the carpet? When leaders fail to repent for idolatry and do not make heart change, not only do they cut off blessing in their own lives, but also in the lives of the people that they lead. When a person walks in idolatry (bowingContinue reading “Do Leaders Need to Repent?”

Character of Leaders?

I was pondering the C’s of leadership lately as many of us have been disappointed in leaders lacking the character to walk faithfully and courageously. Some people say that a leader should have character, charisma, commitment, courage, competence… But, have you ever noticed how God seems to never look for people with outstanding character to call themContinue reading “Character of Leaders?”

From Word Curses to Blessing – Uncanny Story

Is life a bit nuts for you? …with people’s word curses rather than words of blessing? Do you live in a series of uncanny events? Free video and free pdf summary below… {This book recently has taken me back to my Old Testament prophets class in Bible school and my professor weeping over the disobedience ofContinue reading “From Word Curses to Blessing – Uncanny Story”

Has God’s Glory Left?

Where has His Glory gone…? My adventures in 1 Samuel continue… I read Chapter 4 today… 19 Now his daughter-in-law, the wife of Phinehas, was pregnant, about to give birth. And when she heard the news that the ark of God was captured, and that her father-in-law and her husband (priests) were dead, she bowed andContinue reading “Has God’s Glory Left?”

Where To Look When Studying The Bible

“I want to make sure our pastors are teaching with their eyes fixed on holiness and the grace of God. I have them ask themselves: Am I giving each person the good message of “repent and believe the gospel,” or am I giving them heavy burdens that they can’t carry? With my seminary students, IContinue reading “Where To Look When Studying The Bible”

The Long Term Affects of Sin

“Some sins carry immediate penalties; their consequences leap into light at once. The moment a man commits them he is ruined. And we know that: perhaps therefore we avoid them. But there is another ruin quite as sure as that, wrought silently through deterioration of the years, and it steals on the spirit of aContinue reading “The Long Term Affects of Sin”

Repentance is Good News!

Repentance. When you read or hear that word, what is your first reaction? It’s a word that Jesus used quite often as He proclaimed the coming of God’s kingdom. But it’s an awfully unpopular word in our independent and self-reliant culture. How can we find God’s grace in this word? Reflecting on scripture, I’m findingContinue reading “Repentance is Good News!”