My journey as a Christian Life Coach and Spiritual Director in Canada

My journey so far as a Christian Life Coach and Spiritual Director in Canada has been FAR FROM BORING. Each day I feel like I’m walking the Emmaus Road with Jesus and my clients. 😀 I was recently asked how I got into this journey… Throughout my life I have noticed that people have comeContinue reading “My journey as a Christian Life Coach and Spiritual Director in Canada”

What is Church?

I recently came across this powerful illustration on church. This comic book is basically a short introduction to a much longer conversation. If you’re a Christian who’s only experienced today’s institutional form of church, you’ve probably got several lingering questions. For instance, what about pastors? What about sermons? What about baptism, spiritual authority, the Lord’s Supper, and tithes?Continue reading “What is Church?”

What Changed for Me? (Ashes to Beauty)

Friends recently asked me what changed in my life this past year that brought on so much blessing, healing, and crazy adventures of delight and joy in Jesus. I’ve been pondering this… “God, why have you shown such grace and mercy?” I have seen God do some INCREDIBLE things. (This summer, I watched God bringContinue reading “What Changed for Me? (Ashes to Beauty)”

Life After ‘Church’?

Since stepping away from traditional church and pastoral ministry, my journey has taken me on a sweet adventure. God has led my family away, not to find membership at another institutional church, though we had visited many and were warmly invited by many, but rather to take note of what God is up to… outsideContinue reading “Life After ‘Church’?”

Unlearn in Order to Learn how to Disciple?

13 million people in 12 years through a disciple making movement?!!! (A few people in the Word started it all.) This morning, I got to group Skype with a missionary on the other side of the world and hear how fast the Gospel is spreading. He had to unlearn things in order to learn howContinue reading “Unlearn in Order to Learn how to Disciple?”

Jesus Longs for His Church to Come Alive

I loved reading a book over the weekend written by a pastor who was told he needed to leave his institutional church in order to protect his health. Today, he leads a movement that has reached multiple countries. Below is a quote from his wife excerpted from his book: “The Revolution is happening – it’s happeningContinue reading “Jesus Longs for His Church to Come Alive”

Supernatural Mothers

Oh, this weekend of Mother’s Day… I have always noticed that this day and Father’s Day carries with it special supernatural meaning because we are called to be family (and when that doesn’t happen, there’s deep pain.) I pray more folks are adopted into loving community this weekend because they experience El Shaddai (“well breastedContinue reading “Supernatural Mothers”

What Does Your Anger Look Like?

How good are you at your anger management? Where would you be on this scale…? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Anger Ladder ~ by Dr. Ross Campbell 1) Pleasant behavior; 2) Seeking resolution to the conflict; 3) Focusing anger on the source only; 4) Holding to the primary complaint, not to peripheral issues; 5) Thinking logically and constructively;Continue reading “What Does Your Anger Look Like?”

The Contagious Bible-focused, Spirit-led Study Tool

(***This was originally posted in Feb 2018. Notice the title of the post? Since the Corona Virus, this has become even more valuable to use in BEING the Church! Simply adjust to doing this through an interactive video conferencing software or phone and you’re off to multiply.) There is a mind-blowing, powerful yet simple Bible DiscoveryContinue reading “The Contagious Bible-focused, Spirit-led Study Tool”