Are you suffering on the inside?

There are 4 traditional approaches to discipleship that actually lead to bondage: Osmosis: Get people to attend church and serve faithfully. Academics: Teach information about the faith. Behaviour: Establish performance expectations for church members. Church: Train people to invite others, serve, and join a small group.  These 4 things above may have good elements but withoutContinue reading “Are you suffering on the inside?”

Three Main Blocks to Your Healing and Freedom

As I walk with people, I have noticed 3 major blocks to healing and freedom. These 3 main blocks are like umbrellas that cover us and keep us from truth raining down to seep into our heads and hearts. Instead, they cover us in lies… Here are the 3 main blocks: Pride. : We thenContinue reading “Three Main Blocks to Your Healing and Freedom”

What Changed for Me? (Ashes to Beauty)

Friends recently asked me what changed in my life this past year that brought on so much blessing, healing, and crazy adventures of delight and joy in Jesus. I’ve been pondering this… “God, why have you shown such grace and mercy?” I have seen God do some INCREDIBLE things. (This summer, I watched God bringContinue reading “What Changed for Me? (Ashes to Beauty)”

Healing Prayer For Harmful Memories

Have you ever seen something that brought you distress or even traumatized you? Do you have any harmful images you’ve internalized that periodically come back to upset you? What do you do with these harmful memories and images? Read: Healing Prayer for Harmful Images (Soul Shepherding)