Disciplemaking or Mentoring?


Discipling others is one of my favourite things! I have discipled men, women, children and teens. Each person is unique and one of a kind. Below are some helps, but first…

What is disciple making?

(Sometimes called: spiritual life coaching, mentoring… whatever you name it…)

To me it is a lifestyle of intentional spiritual friendships following Jesus.

…It is doing life together with one or more people. It’s walking out a journey together. Each journey is different just like each person is different! Jesus spent most of his time with 12 men and a few women. That’s it. He was not about huge numbers.

I’m all about organic lifestyle disciple making and I love intergenerational relationships especially. (Titus 2 is a favourite passage of mine.)

(I know we love our programs, but programs are only launch pads for intentional relationships. Programs fall short… If we spend years doing a program and no disciples come out of it, it’s time to throw out the ‘sacred cow’ program and start from scratch…!)


Listen to the Holy Spirit for the next appointment.

It’s way more fun and fruitful to go back to the Coach (Holy Spirit) for the new play!

What do we study?

We always start with God’s Word. When we do intentional study, my favourite study tools are Discovery Bible Studies or Reflective Readings simply using God’s Word inviting Holy Spirit to teach!

Before I meet with someone or a group of people to disciple, I am in prayer asking the Holy Spirit to lead the conversation. Most often there simply needs to be intentional listening, asking open ended questions, and praying.

(I’m always learning new things. Every person is different!)

Don’t rely on your own strength. God knows best what the person needs. Pray, pray, pray! Of course you’re going to make mistakes. You’re human. God redeems and turns our errors into victories!

Do I mentor?

Sometimes, but there are limitations to mentoring. Mentoring is defined as putting something INTO a person. I use to do way more mentoring. Then, I discovered coaching and BAM – people started having breakthroughs in one meeting!

So, now I prefer Disciplemaking or Coaching… Why?

Disciplemaking or Coaching is drawing the Holy Spirit OUT!

I find that’s way more fun! I want to lead people to Jesus and hear His voice. I may have something good to offer, but I love teaching people how to fish, rather than just feeding them my fish.

There you go!  Just some basics. Nothing scary.

Again… Just don’t rely on your own strength.

God knows best what the person needs.

Point them to their Good Shepherd.

Reflect Qs:

  1. Who is discipling you?
  2. Who are you discipling?

  3. If no one comes to mind, ask God to bring you someone to disciple YOU and someone for you to disciple too!

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