Not Interested in Religion?

Not interested in religion?

Me too. Freedom living is not about religion, it is about a relationship…

Many of you may be disillusioned because of ‘religious’ people you’ve known. The interesting thing is that when you read the life of Jesus, he scolded religious leaders of his day because they emphasized the wrong things and often made demands for people to do certain things in order to get to God. But, God became a man to come to us- and all we must do is put our faith in him daily. We need to recognize that Christ is separate from those who claim they worship Him. They are often at different extremes and sadly many religious leaders today spread a wrong story of who God is. People even do horrible things in the name of God.

I encourage you to seek God despite those who have hurt you- you have claimed to know God and yet abused or used you. I had to wrestle with this in my own life too. I had to separate sinful people from God. I had to see that I needed to put my trust in Him and not in them- even if they claimed to know Jesus.

I do not choose religion. I choose to worship God and I have a personal relationship with Him because of what His son Jesus did for me.

Religion is this: man trying to get to God, but relationship with God is this: accepting what He did for us and letting Him guide us and lead us… through our pain, through our joys and to a complete life.

Once you surrender your life and invite His Holy Spirit to fill you, you will understand what I am talking about… And if you at one time gave your life to God’s Son Jesus but you have lost that life of freedom and forgotten what daily surrender truly means, there’s still a way back…

1. Getting to know God…

2. Understanding your relationship with Jesus (pdf)…

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