Do Leaders Need to Repent?

Do leaders need to repent …or can they sweep things under the carpet? When leaders fail to repent for idolatry and do not make heart change, not only do they cut off blessing in their own lives, but also in the lives of the people that they lead. When a person walks in idolatry (bowingContinue reading “Do Leaders Need to Repent?”

We Don’t Recruit Volunteers

We don’t recruit volunteers, we release leaders, because volunteers do good things, but leaders change the world. We are taking highly capable people and asking them to dream big. via The Way It Could Be » 13 Game-Changing Values of

Four Questions Leaders Should Ask Themselves

  My counselor told me of a study that was performed in 2007 of people in the ministry…he said that 90% of the people entering the ministry do not finish…they either disqualify themselves or flat out quit! In light of this I wanted to share today four questions I believe leaders should ask themselves…  Continue reading “Four Questions Leaders Should Ask Themselves”