All of Christ’s Time, Wisdom and Care… For You!

“The human spirit, while most truly possessing its own individuality and personal distinctness, is interpenetrated and energized by the Spirit of Christ. He does not work on us from without, as one separated from us, but from within, as the very heart from which the life-blood of our spirits flows. Christ’s omnipresence makes it possibleContinue reading “All of Christ’s Time, Wisdom and Care… For You!”

Have You Drifted?

“I’ve yet to meet a follower of Christ who deliberately set out to ignore God, but many have drifted away because they allowed everything else – the kids, the job, the demands, the stress, the struggle – to get in the way of the precious relationship he offers.” – Randy Frazee What is getting inContinue reading “Have You Drifted?”

Marriage or christ?

I have been pondering the question: “Which is more important if one had to choose: a ‘happy’ marriage without Christ or a broken marriage that has driven one closer to Christ?” The answer affects eternity. We have faith and pray for miracles on earth but ultimately what is essential to our soul? The most graciousContinue reading “Marriage or christ?”

Are You Confusing Christ With Christians?

Many of us have been hurt by those who call themselves Christians. I have. In fact, I’ve been hurt the most by Christians and yet I still choose to follow Christ. Some would say I’m nuts or duped. Ten years ago I myself just about walked away from Christ and then I just about killedContinue reading “Are You Confusing Christ With Christians?”