Prayer Helps (Resources)

2a5c6c54ca1de796703399d686dc0a9d“Watching is a vital part of praying. God wants us to seek out the holes in the walls of nations, churches, and individual lives. Just as David and Joshua found out why God’s blessing had dried up, it is our job as prophetic intercessors today to find these gaps and fill them with prayer.” – Murray Dueck

If you’ve read my blog long enough, you should know that PRAYER is like breathing to me

Here are some of my favourite words of life and battle songs I pray for various circumstances.

Feel free to use them and adapt them. Powerful prayer is not found in simply saying words, but in engaging your heart, mind and soul. I like written prayers to focus myself, but I often just pray in the flow of the Holy Spirit!

Reflective Reading Template (Lectio Divina)

The listening prayer process

Five Prayer Focuses of Examen

Questions to Ask God

Praying On the Armour of God

Protection Prayer. positive focus

SIM- Spiritual Warfare

Being Effective in Spiritual Warfare

Battle Prayers by Liberty Savard

31 Days of Prayer – Guide for your Church

Jan 10-15 – Prayer Focus – handout:  A glimpse into the power of prayer within my circles. (When I spoke to church leaders about my journey.) Plus my Jan 10-15 Prayer Focus – speaking notes

Lords Prayer Approach to Prayer

Prayers for broken relationships