Have An Epiphany (A Light Bulb Moment)

  You and I can do Christmas and completely miss the wonder and epiphany of it all! Today is the Day of Epiphany (January 6). What’s an epiphany? • a moment of sudden revelation or insight. (A light bulb moment!) • an appearance of a divine or supernatural being. We just celebrated Christmas, now it’sContinue reading “Have An Epiphany (A Light Bulb Moment)”

What Are You Expecting This Christmas? (4th Sunday in Advent)

This morning my family and I shared an Advent reflection I wrote one day as I pondered the expectation of the coming Messiah… Expectation Reader 1: We often look to Christmas with expectation: we may expect presents, or gatherings with family and friends, or gaining a few pounds, or laughter, we may even expect griefContinue reading “What Are You Expecting This Christmas? (4th Sunday in Advent)”

A Christmas… Not Alone

I spent most of Christmas Day alone, but I am reflecting how I didn’t feel all alone. I truly had peace despite… To start the story, I caught the flu bug the day before Christmas and I had to completely miss my reading part in the Christmas Eve program – a program I was lookingContinue reading “A Christmas… Not Alone”

His Birthday on a Sunday!

This year we will recognize the birth of Jesus on a Sunday. How wonderful it is that this year, the day we observe the birth of Jesus falls on a weekly day of worship! It’s right where it should be! May our hearts be focused on Him, not even on our family or our traditions,Continue reading “His Birthday on a Sunday!”

The Son of a Carpenter Who Builds and Restores

“The carpenter’s Son will take the nail and a tree made into a cross, and He will rebuild us and restore us and all we who are broken down will find shelter in grace and make the heart of God home. No wonder this time of year we haul trees into our homes. Lord God,Continue reading “The Son of a Carpenter Who Builds and Restores”