My Dream for the Church in Canada

What do you long for, for the Church in Canada or even all of North America? Come dream with me… My Dream for the Church in Canada I pray for the Church to be so blessed by, and hungry and thirsty for Holy Spirit. I dream of… People hungrily meditating on the Word… not forContinue reading “My Dream for the Church in Canada”

How Big Is Your God?

How big is your God? If the Holy Spirit were to withdraw from your life and from the fellowship of your local church, would he be missed? In other words, is there anything supernatural about your life or the local church where you have fellowship with other believers?A skeptic, contrasting the actor and Christian worker,Continue reading “How Big Is Your God?”

Every Follower of Christ Could Be a Pastor

“We are all missionaries… Wherever we go, we either bring people nearer to Christ, or we repel them from Christ.” ~Eric Liddell If you are a follower of Christ, where you are is your mission field. Where you work is your congregation. Christ is our Shepherd and he calls us to shepherd the flock aroundContinue reading “Every Follower of Christ Could Be a Pastor”

Are You Tanning on the Beach While People Are Drowning?

I used to be a lifeguard and for my lifeguard training I recall doing simulation after simulation of first aid situations. One such drill, I went through the entire procedure and the evaluator’s response was… “That was excellent!” She went in to all the things I had executed perfectly… and then said: “But, you forgotContinue reading “Are You Tanning on the Beach While People Are Drowning?”

Going… To Provide Hope To The Hopeless

Jackie Pullinger was 22 when she started working with drug addicts in Hong Kong’s Walled City, infamous for its gangs and violence. She first went in the 1970’s and works among the drug addicts and street gangs still. Going to spread hope to the hopeless takes sacrifice. You can learn more about Jackie Pullinger here…