Be Still :)

Be still and know that God is God and… you are not.
This truth is the best thing you can fully embrace.
He holds the world together, not you. 🙂
What He wants to do in and through you is far greater – if you trust Him – than if you try to control and hold your world together.

I want to bless you with a video invitation from one of my online mentors.

Come away from rush and hurry…
You and I are invited to do life not out of an anxious to-do list,
but out of a place of rest and peace…

Find a quiet place,
enjoy the peaceful music,
the words and questions to stir your heart and mind…

Rest Deeper.
Live Fuller.
Lead Better.

I first ‘met’ Alan Fadling online through Sabbatical topics and have chatted with him via Twitter. I very much enjoyed his book: An Unhurried Life: Following Jesus’ Rhythms of Work and Rest

As I meet with clients, taking them into the still place with Jesus is our starting place. When we still our hearts, lean into hear His voice… miracles and healing begin. 🙂

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