Love’s Journey to the Cross: 6th Sunday in Lent

Love’s Journey to the Cross – Lent Reflections Col 3:12-14 NIRV and ERV – Unity in Love We continue to countdown the days of Lent towards Easter Sunday, as we focus on dying to our selves and living free in Christ, …as we focus on love’s journey to the cross… Reflect with me… God callsContinue reading “Love’s Journey to the Cross: 6th Sunday in Lent”

Have You Missed It? Love Comes Down

God always takes the initiative in His love relationship with us. The trouble is too many of us miss His constant invitation to a most extraordinary relationship. We begin to philosophize it away, or deny it, or simply call it coincidence when anything good comes our way. It’s like we receive love letters constantly eachContinue reading “Have You Missed It? Love Comes Down”

Sabbatical Learnings: Lesson Two Was My Response to God, To Others

The second half of my sabbatical I asked God the question, “How can I possibly love you in return, Lord?” My thoughts went to the love languages and I asked God what His love language was, and how best I could love Him in return. I was reminded of how He says that to loveContinue reading “Sabbatical Learnings: Lesson Two Was My Response to God, To Others”

Sabbatical Thought: Do I Know Love?

Sabbatical thought…. Do I even know how to love? Does anyone? …besides the Lamb? …Only in His Spirit can we possibly love as we are called to love…. like this… At my favourite retreat centre, I spent time alone listening and reading and writing today. Now, I just finished watching two hours of The Bible:Continue reading “Sabbatical Thought: Do I Know Love?”

What Is Perfect Love?

If we are more self-conscious than ever, with the ones we “love”, that is not love… but fear. Our ‘love’ is unmasked as a battle in manipulation and power – one person using another to make them feel good, even in a pecking order, or to simply chase away loneliness. True love is… safe,… forgiving…Continue reading “What Is Perfect Love?”

In Your Quest for Self-Gratification, Do You Neglect Others?

In your quest for self-gratification, do you neglect others? “Love the Lord your God with all your passion and prayer and muscle and intelligence—and love your neighbor as well as you do yourself.” (Luke 10:27 The Message) And if you don’t love yourself, ask God to show you how He sees you. Understanding His greatContinue reading “In Your Quest for Self-Gratification, Do You Neglect Others?”

Fearless One Minute, Freaking Out the Next

I soooo loved this post (found below)! “Whether you deny Jesus in what you do or don’t do, he forgives and restores you as he did Peter.” I shared this post with a friend and she replied… “That was fantastic!!! Thank you for sharing! I love all your ‘Peter’ moments! What an honour to knowContinue reading “Fearless One Minute, Freaking Out the Next”

A Loveless World is a Sightless World

A loveless world is a sightless world – it does not see the bigger picture. Sometimes loving others helps open their eyes to see it, and when they don’t see it, we must keep on loving… no matter how hard it is. I fail at this over and over. It’s so much easier to shutContinue reading “A Loveless World is a Sightless World”