Am I Being Deceived?

This past year, I had the joy of walking with a woman coming out of the New Age movement. In fact, she had once been a New Age teacher. We started with Scriptures in our sessions and took our time before we began asking Jesus questions. Her heart now was so beautifully hungry and thirstyContinue reading “Am I Being Deceived?”

How do we approach truth?

Just read this today and my heart leapt…! Jesus calls himself “the truth” (John 14:6), and the Holy Spirit, “the Spirit of truth” (John 14:7; 16:13). Any time we are not living from Jesus’ perspective, the foundation of truth, we are in some way connected to the father of lies, the devil. When we experienceContinue reading “How do we approach truth?”

A Thousand Ways to Kill Jesus

Who in your life told you the truth about yourself so clearly that you wanted to kill them for it? …Who in your life has represented Jesus Christ in your life? True friends love you in truth, show you the way and want you to know full life… so much that they’re willing to dieContinue reading “A Thousand Ways to Kill Jesus”

Are You True to Truth?

Truth never asks for mere admirers, but for followers. Admirers can turn into followers or they can turn into traitors. Admirers are infatuated with greatness, but pull back at first sign of trouble. Admiring truth rather than following it can turn into hate, jealousy, and revenge. At first sign of danger, admirers become offended byContinue reading “Are You True to Truth?”