Character of Leaders?

I was pondering the C’s of leadership lately as many of us have been disappointed in leaders lacking the character to walk faithfully and courageously.

Some people say that a leader should have character, charisma, commitment, courage, competence…

But, have you ever noticed how God seems to never look for people with outstanding character to call them to leadership?

Just read the Bible and look at the motley crew of disciples, the heroes of the faith listed in Hebrews…and all their mistakes…

Does rather, God seem to take people and transform their character (if they surrender and trust Him)? Or even like David who was initially in good character, but later lapsed in character under the pressures of leadership…Thankfully, he later repented and God’s compassion still came…

(That is the key for any leader. Repentance is a beautiful thing that returns us to the path God has chosen for us. Without repentance, we lose the inheritance God has promised – even often for those we lead.)

Yesterday, at a women in leadership luncheon, I got to hear the story of how an employee lapsed in character (out of fear of not measuring up to expectations). But, the employer’s loving response casted out the employee’s fear… resulting in huge trust in their relationship. It was a beautiful God-filled thing!

The employee told the story of her own lapse in character. To admit what she did – you could sense the room gasp and I saw her neck turn slightly red as she must have felt like she walked off a ledge… But the story of how her employer responded to her – no scolding but with love and compassion. Wow – Jesus with skin on. I think what was shared was a wonderful shifting in perspective of what many have experienced from our leaders (both men and women). Jesus never shames us, but only empowers and calls us up to walk out our inheritance in Him.

Our character may lapse, but when we admit our mistakes, God’s compassion and blessing affects not just us, but everyone we lead.

And when we forgive those who admit their mistakes, we invest in them and encourage them to take hold of the inheritance they have in Christ.

But, when those who lead us or those we lead don’t admit mistakes, the relationship is broken and God’s inheritance is unclaimed.



Relationship restored.

(PS. Also got to hear a cool story yesterday of how a person was healed physically after their leadership repented.)

Reversing Your Death Spiral

I attended the Global Leadership Summit this year again for perhaps the 5th year. Always extremely valuable. Here’s one golden nugget…

Reversing the Death Spiral of a Leader – Dr Henry Cloud


(From his book: “Boundaries for Leaders“)
Leaders don’t blame, they are instead good stewards and take ownership in leading people. A leader needs to be in charge of him or herself.
Attitude is everything.

The brain begins to change when things are out of control. It shuts down…
And in comes the three P’s:

1. The brain interprets disappointment personally.
2. It becomes persuasive. (It’s not just that one person hates me, everyone does.)
3. Disappointment becomes permanent. (It’ll always be this way, it’s not going to change.)

But there is a way out!
(I loved his comment… “Science and the Bible agrees and that’s reality. If they don’t agree, you’ve got wacky science or goofy Christians.”)

How to reverse the 3 Ps:
1. Log and Dispute the negative thoughts. Dispute it with God’s Word.
2. Get back into control. Make 2 columns. One of things you can control, one of things you can’t control. Worry about the things you can’t control – for 5 minutes, then move on to the list of things you CAN control. Like… smile, call someone, do personal leadership development, etc.
3. Connect. The answer to bad is never doing good. The opposite of bad is love. After the Fall, we tried doing good to feel better. Doesn’t work. Love… and you solve problems! One experiment he gave was that scientists had lights and noise outside a monkey and his cage. He went hysterical. Just by putting the monkey’s buddy in the cage, the stress levels of the monkey dropped by 50%.
I’ll find a way!! That’s the attitude a true leader needs. 🙂

Sometimes Criticism is Love in Disguise

“Have you ever considered criticism may just be goodness and mercy pursuing you (Psalm 23:6)?”

This article below has certainly challenged me. I have always thought that one must take criticism and turn it into coaching. Yet, last Fall, I was on the verge of burnout and nearly resigned from my ministry post due to another person’s slander of me and my ministry. I had to see a counselor at the advice of our elders. (The counselor told me I didn’t seem like her patient but more like her colleague as we enjoyed our conversations together. I was very glad to have someone to freely express my emotions with.) In the end, I confronted the person who had caused me many sleepless nights and daydreams of resigning. To my surprise, they apologized for their sin. Then they complemented me on my ministry! That was so strange to me to be slandered and then complimented by the same mouth. But now I’ve read this article and begin to understand…

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5 Characteristics of an Excellent Team Member | Ron Edmondson

I love team dynamics and organizational structures. I have written many times about what makes a healthy team, my expectations of team members, and elements to build health into your team. I’m not sure I’ve talked specifically about the characteristics I believe make up excellent team members.

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The Land of Unfamiliarity

We naturally gravitate toward what is familiar. Once we find a place to sit, we’ll sit there every time. Once we find a favorite dish, we’ll stop trying new things on the menu. Once we get into a routine, it’s next to impossible to get out of it. As the old adage put it: you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Or can you?

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5 Differences Between a Talker & a Leader

Thomas Jefferson once said, “Don’t talk about what you have done or what you are going to do.“ He was surrounded by many great men, but experienced a sharp distinction between those who spoke well and those who lead well.His quote brings about a great question: What is the real difference between someone who can talk well and someone who can truly influence others? Simply stated, What is the difference between a TALKER and a LEADER? Here are 5 Differences Between a Talker & a Leader:

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Quitting…is not an option. | GregBairdOnline

Last year in ministry, I just about quit. And for sooooo many reasons which I will not go into. But, I searched the Scriptures and prayed, prayed, prayed and prayed some more. Then I read up on other ministry leaders and what they’ve experienced in the trenches. I came across Greg Baird’s take on quitting…


Quitting…is not an option.

We all want to quit sometimes. Discouragement can be daunting.

Hurt. Disappointment. Fear. And a number of other emotions can bring us to our knees. We want to quit. Just give up.

But quitting…is not an option.

Sometimes our circumstances simply require perseverance. But how?

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