Character of Leaders?

I was pondering the C’s of leadership lately as many of us have been disappointed in leaders lacking the character to walk faithfully and courageously. Some people say that a leader should have character, charisma, commitment, courage, competence… But, have you ever noticed how God seems to never look for people with outstanding character to call themContinue reading “Character of Leaders?”

Reversing Your Death Spiral

I attended the Global Leadership Summit this year again for perhaps the 5th year. Always extremely valuable. Here’s one golden nugget… Reversing the Death Spiral of a Leader – Dr Henry Cloud   (From his book: “Boundaries for Leaders“) Leaders don’t blame, they are instead good stewards and take ownership in leading people. A leaderContinue reading “Reversing Your Death Spiral”

Sometimes Criticism is Love in Disguise

“Have you ever considered criticism may just be goodness and mercy pursuing you (Psalm 23:6)?” This article below has certainly challenged me. I have always thought that one must take criticism and turn it into coaching. Yet, last Fall, I was on the verge of burnout and nearly resigned from my ministry post due toContinue reading “Sometimes Criticism is Love in Disguise”

More Fruitful Leadership « Alan Fadling

What does leadership that is deeply rooted in an abiding relationship with Christ actually look like? What does leadership where abiding is thin to non-existent look like? Read… More Fruitful Leadership « Alan Fadling: Notes from my Unhurried Journey.

5 Characteristics of an Excellent Team Member | Ron Edmondson

I love team dynamics and organizational structures. I have written many times about what makes a healthy team, my expectations of team members, and elements to build health into your team. I’m not sure I’ve talked specifically about the characteristics I believe make up excellent team members. Read… 5 Characteristics of an Excellent Team MemberContinue reading “5 Characteristics of an Excellent Team Member | Ron Edmondson”

The Land of Unfamiliarity

We naturally gravitate toward what is familiar. Once we find a place to sit, we’ll sit there every time. Once we find a favorite dish, we’ll stop trying new things on the menu. Once we get into a routine, it’s next to impossible to get out of it. As the old adage put it: youContinue reading “The Land of Unfamiliarity”

5 Differences Between a Talker & a Leader

Thomas Jefferson once said, “Don’t talk about what you have done or what you are going to do.“ He was surrounded by many great men, but experienced a sharp distinction between those who spoke well and those who lead well.His quote brings about a great question: What is the real difference between someone who canContinue reading “5 Differences Between a Talker & a Leader”

How to Change the World « Alan Fadling

The following is inscribed on the tomb of an Anglican Bishop in Westminster Abby (1100 A.D.) When I was young and free and my imagination had no limits, I dreamed of changing the world… Read: How to Change the World « Alan Fadling: Notes from my Unhurried Journey.

Quitting…is not an option. | GregBairdOnline

Last year in ministry, I just about quit. And for sooooo many reasons which I will not go into. But, I searched the Scriptures and prayed, prayed, prayed and prayed some more. Then I read up on other ministry leaders and what they’ve experienced in the trenches. I came across Greg Baird’s take on quitting…Continue reading “Quitting…is not an option. | GregBairdOnline”