Your Future Is Determined By One Thing

“People who have a seeking heart still makes mistakes. But their reaction to rebuke and correction shows the condition of that heart. It determines what God is able to do with them in the future.”

King Asa once led a whole nation in seeking God but became a coldhearted oppressor of his nation. A prophet rebuked him and the king threw him in prison and oppressed some of the people. King Asa’s story reveals how people who stop seeking God tend to get crusty and arrogant. They think they know everything. A prophetic rebuke only irritates them.

“Anything and everything is possible with God if we approach him with a broken spirit. We must humble ourselves, get rid of the debris in our lives, and keep leaning on him instead of our own understanding. Your future and mine are determined by this one thing: seeking after the Lord.”

“The less we look for God, the more he has to go looking for us. Why not run in his direction?”

Readings from Jim Cymbala, Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire

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