Too Crusty For Christmas? (My Christmas Wish)

Stop and really ponder this one. Christmas. When the Creator comes from his throne on high… down to us… in a barn. May we recognize how holy God is, yet that He humbled himself, chose to be born in a barn, laid in an animal’s feeding trough in order to meet us in our messes, and then later to clean up our messes by defeating sin and eternal death.

May we never hide this hope we have in Christ and leave others out in the cold.

May we accept His grace and share the hope we have in Christ this Christmas so others may know Him.

And for those in our lives who seem too crusty and too self-sufficient to receive God’s grace, may God surprise us all the more and call us to be faithful disciplemakers.

May we be in awe over the miracle of our Saviour’s birth and obedient to His call to go and tell the world!

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