ARTICLE: 6 Weeks Away & Unplugged – LV Hanson | Catalyst

The Father Does Not Shout, He Whispers.

It wasn’t until I shut everything off that I slowly realized how much I tune into that which is the most immediately appealing…to that which “wins” my attention, and everything around me seems to SHOUT and compete for it – the television I watch, the movies I see, the music I listen to, the books I read, dare I say even the church I go to??? It’s easy to see that much of my life is influenced by the winner of stage time. But the Father never competes for the stage. He is quite in His love. He does not shout. He whispers. (Zephaniah 3:17 & 1 Kings 19:12) As my senses are tuned to the shouts around me I may miss the gentle voice of One who seeks to offer peace and life, anchors amidst the storm of attention-seekers. A whisper can only be heard in the quiet…I am learning to allow the quiet to take center stage. It’s not an easy battle, and one that I often lose. But in those moments when I stop, breathe, and rest, I give myself the best chance to connect with God. Even if it’s just 5 minutes, it’s 5 minutes of peace. I’m not advocating life as a monastic monk. However, I am learning that “the quiet” is possible; it just requires me to stop when my natural impulse is to run. I am learning how to tune my senses to a whisper instead of a shout.

via ARTICLE: 6 Weeks Away & Unplugged – LV Hanson | Catalyst.

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