Moving Beyond Our Ways

“The biblical story abounds with instances of people being torn loose from their moorings, from a settled existence, and discovering that God is present in the situation…It is interesting to note the witness of these pilgrims is that these crises are times of judgement. In fact, the word crisis in the Greek means precisely that. In other words, transition times are times in which God calls our old ways of living and looking at things into question, calls us to move beyond them. These pilgrim foremothers and fathers of ours also tell us that these very same times can be times of blessing. Those who do press on, who are willing to leave the old behind, experience God’s healing, redeeming, resurrecting power.”

-John and Adrienne Carr

2 thoughts on “Moving Beyond Our Ways

  1. in this very moment im overjoyed at the incredible insight that this very saying has on me. i literally want to shout to the world that i was givin another chance to finally say… DEVIL, U R UNDER MY FEET AND I WILL TRULY DEFEAT U BC IVE EXCEPTED JESUS AS MY SAVIOR AND HE WILL HAVE MY BACK FOR ALL ETERNITY! What a joy! what a truly remarkable feeling to take jesus’ hand wholeheartedly! i want this more than anything and i will never stop fighting, i will never feel the tourment ive endured my whole 32 yrs again. What a wonderful God we have..


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