Have You Missed It? Love Comes Down

God always takes the initiative in His love relationship with us. The trouble is too many of us miss His constant invitation to a most extraordinary relationship. We begin to philosophize it away, or deny it, or simply call it coincidence when anything good comes our way. It’s like we receive love letters constantly eachContinue reading “Have You Missed It? Love Comes Down”

I Will Equip You Fully

I will equip you fully. You must use what I provide: My Presence, My Word, My Spirit. Come to Me when you are heavy burdened and you will find rest for your souls. Come to me…you will find rest… Matthew 11:28-29 Do not fear, I am your God. I will strengthen and help you… IsaiahContinue reading “I Will Equip You Fully”

A Lonely Path Can Lead to Trust

The only way to learn trust and obedience and faith is to go through things you don’t understand. This is where it begins …when you’re all alone and afraid and things don’t make sense. This is where you hang onto the message of the cross. God loved you enough to die for you. That’s whereContinue reading “A Lonely Path Can Lead to Trust”

Plans…? Hold them loosely… Instead, bask in His love!

Today, I had to release many things in my quiet time with the Lord. I did this in the morning and again in the evening when I followed the prayer of Examen. I realize that I’ve been grieving on my sabbatical with plans thwarted. (I’ve also realized I’ve been grieving the past year over hopesContinue reading “Plans…? Hold them loosely… Instead, bask in His love!”

His Presence

I just completed this compilation of Brother Lawrence and Frank Laubach’s journals and letters. What a powerful yet simple read. A classic indeed! A perfect read for my sabbatical… I have and will be sharing quotes from it in my posts. An excerpt from my first phase sabbatical report… “Now, I’ve started to re-read FrankContinue reading “His Presence”

It’s Just Going To Get Uglier

In my connecting with depression sufferers, I have learned that much depression, including my own in the past, is indeed caused by anger and bitterness caused by hurt done by others. In connecting with one depression sufferer in particular who courageously has chosen to move forward in their healing journey which will require safely addressingContinue reading “It’s Just Going To Get Uglier”

God Didn’t Call Us to Be Successful, He Called Us to Be Faithful

A few years ago, studying the book of Isaiah, I was deeply impacted by the fact that God called Isaiah, not to be successful, but to be faithful. What? Yup. In fact, God warned him that his ministry would have no converts. One could ask, “Why bother?” Our human voices ask ourselves, “What’s the point?”Continue reading “God Didn’t Call Us to Be Successful, He Called Us to Be Faithful”

Need Prayer? | Mary DeMuth

Have you ever felt helpless? That all you can do is holler a few words to the heavens and ask for simple help? I’ve been in that place more times than I can count. It’s a good place. A hard place. A needy place. Where we realize that we can’t do everything. Usually during thoseContinue reading “Need Prayer? | Mary DeMuth”

The Necessity of Brokenness | Write Where It Hurts

If we have the eyes to see, we will come to know and understand that brokenness purifies our vision and chisels away all that keeps us from fully knowing the heart of God. If you and I want to recover from the losses of life, we must catch a vision for the greater role thatContinue reading “The Necessity of Brokenness | Write Where It Hurts”

More Than Gold or Silver

Psalm 119:71-72 (NLT) “My suffering was good for me, for it taught me to pay attention to your decrees. Your instructions are more valuable to me than millions in gold and silver.” If you’re going through struggle, be open to God’s lesson, wisdom, and meaning in the midst of your hardship. The greatest times ofContinue reading “More Than Gold or Silver”