Sometimes Criticism is Love in Disguise

“Have you ever considered criticism may just be goodness and mercy pursuing you (Psalm 23:6)?”

This article below has certainly challenged me. I have always thought that one must take criticism and turn it into coaching. Yet, last Fall, I was on the verge of burnout and nearly resigned from my ministry post due to another person’s slander of me and my ministry. I had to see a counselor at the advice of our elders. (The counselor told me I didn’t seem like her patient but more like her colleague as we enjoyed our conversations together. I was very glad to have someone to freely express my emotions with.) In the end, I confronted the person who had caused me many sleepless nights and daydreams of resigning. To my surprise, they apologized for their sin. Then they complemented me on my ministry! That was so strange to me to be slandered and then complimented by the same mouth. But now I’ve read this article and begin to understand…

Read… Sometimes Criticism is Love in Disguise | The Resurgence.

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