Scoffers and Scorners in the Church

“According to Proverbs, what happens to the scoffer, the man or woman who always has to be right, who derides rather than engages opposing views? … The first result is loneliness Prov. 9:12. Scoffers impress the impressionable if they are allowed to hold forth Prov. 19:25; 21:11 but as time goes on, the scoffer not only destroys relationships but is listened to less and less by the public Prov. 24:9.Often the scorner has valid points, but because of his or her dogmatic and proud attitude, no peace is possible inside a community. This is because scoffers don’t know how to affirm and live in harmony with people who don’t agree with them on everything.”

Are you a scoffer or a scorner?

Read… Scoffers, Scorners, and Snark – Justin Taylor.

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