Ministry Relationships: Back to Basics

Working with others can be a joy and sometimes… a huge burden, especially when we lose sight of the goal and take each other for granted. Instead of tapping into our different gifts and skills, we see them as threats and ministry relationships can turn to ugly conflict. And conflict can sometimes turn into resignation. Which really is a victory for the other team.

Just recently, my team leader prompted us to find Scripture addressing relationships and serving with one another. We drafted up a document and spent several weeks reading through it together and praying through it. We made changes as a team and came up with a final document to adopt and sign.

How refreshing it has become to know where the standard is. It may seem silly that as church ministry leaders, we had to go back to God’s Word to learn how to treat each other but honestly, we are all sinful and can easily succumb to the sinful nature forgetting who we are in Christ.

Below I’ve shard the document with you. May it transform you as a team member and if you are a ministry leader, may you use it to transform your team! May you use it as a team so that you can effectively minister for Christ and not succumb to selfish ambition and unknowingly cause the enemy to be laughing at your efforts.

Let’s remember who’s team we are on and get back to the basics of ministering well together!

Working Relationship Commitments 2011-02-12

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