Questions to Ask God

What an amazing weekend I recently had at a Women’s Retreat (March 2011). I’m still processing what God did there.

I was blown away with an exercise we were to do with someone we hardly knew. It entailed listening to God for a message to give to that person and there was a process to go through. It was a bit of a shocker when our facilitator announced this. However, she shared with us that she’s done this exercise before and it’s worked every time. Talk about a stretch. I found myself excited with anticipation ready to see how God would speak to all of us. Some women were not too sure and felt threatened to do such an intimate exercise with a stranger.

So, what happened?

After the exercise, she invited women to share their experiences and we began to hear some amazing results. God’s message through my partner to me was spot on. My partner was moved to tears with the message God gave her through me. For her, it was a message of hope through a dry time in her life.

The exercise was a reminder to us that God can speak when we are willing to listen. He can speak to us through nature, through His Word and through others – even complete strangers!

Although I am one who may have the gift of faith, a heart for intercessory prayer, one who lives to spend my regular 6AM time quietly listening to the Lord, who lives to pray corporately with others, and who does regular prayer counseling with others, this weekend God still wonderfully surprised me. (I’m so glad He is so amazing!) Our facilitator wonderfully showed us how we can ask God questions and he will answer, because He longs to speak to us!

Below is the page of our workbook which I’m going to start using during my quiet times with God when I ask Him questions and sit quietly and listen.

In our work book and throughout the weekend, she also had shared guidelines to discern when a voice is from God and when a voice is from the Enemy. Valuable stuff!!!

Here it is: We Can Hear from God – the teaching and worksheet


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