Do We Still Need Churches?

I read the following article on whether businesses still need websites and the very last line summarizes what seems to be bubbling inside me for the past couple years about church. I suspect that many of today’s churches die if they continue in the “come and see” model. They need to move towards the “engage with us” model. The church is supposed to be an organism, a family, not an institution or an entertainment centre. Sure, some churches may grow in numbers, but in the meantime, many die in living out their faith and in living out Truth. They grow larger for themselves and remove themselves from a dying world who is waiting for hope. Churches instead, may grow a mile wide but only an inch deep. That’s like a dead website with no engagement with it’s visitors. No relationship means no life. We need churches that engage in people’s lives and this requires people willing to be vulnerable, humble, authentic and edifying; people who are willing to let the Spirit lead them.

Here’s the blog post I read on websites…

D7’s Weekly Edit – Do We Still Need Websites? | Domain7.

via Do We Still Need Churches?.

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