Quit the Program?

Why do we think we need a program?
(How to Live Life) Basic Christian Living 101:
Our minds are so programmed to be in a program…for everything. (Thank you Henry Ford for your assembly line model…) We go to an education program, we go to a fitness program, we go to a sports program… We go to a dance program…
So, when it comes to doing life together with others, why do we think we need a program?? Discipleship is not a program.
It’s a lifestyle.
It’s not the goal, it IS the way of living life.
When we live life too busy (often aiming for things that glorify us), we think we have to create a program for discipleship…. once a week…
Discipleship is doing life together.
We need each other.
Discipleship is doing life together, not having all the answers but finding them together, or even just asking the questions together…
Discipleship is sharing our brokenness together and walking towards Jesus together! It’s not BEING Jesus for another, Jesus is the point. We are not the point.
Turn on the discipleship lifestyle…
Grab a friend, grab a Bible, (yes, you can even grab a list of great questions), read it, share and listen, pray… all in the midst of crazy life that gets messy and broken… masks off, being real… because Jesus heals our brokenness.
There is not an eight-step program or perfect formula for making a disciple… (We think there must be, and then we think we are not qualified to disciple…)
Read the intro, watch the video… 🙂
First here’s the awesome description…
At IF:Gathering, we are all about making disciples who go and make disciples. In our next IF:Equip study, we provide a basic blueprint that helps women take practical steps towards building intentional relationships. We’re calling it WOVEN because discipleship isn’t a to-do list nor a program. We believe that it is a weaving together of individual’s lives and stories, just like we’re woven into this great redemption story. To help you get started, we present Jesus’ call to discipleship and a basic cycle of what discipleship looks like.

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