Back to My Post

The recent quietness of my blog means I’ve transitioned! I arrived back to my post of Associate Pastor on June 16, 2014 and was met with 4 pastors, 1 intern, 1 office manager and 500 balloons! Needless to say, my intern and I had fun popping them with ear protection and two pins!…


As planned, I worked half days my first week to ease in. By mid week, my head was spinning a bit so I enjoyed a quiet walk with Jesus and His geese through the park, found a resting bench and lingered. The end of the week I spent seven hours straight on Saturday with all of our pastors and elders for our year end meeting. It was a great day looking back and looking ahead in prayer to where God may be leading us.

My first Sunday back was an excellent morning! My heart is full as we enjoyed a Volunteer Appreciation and Commissioning!! Then worship and teaching in the main gathering on knowing who we are and why we are (our identity in Christ)! Many hugs and smiles and laughter! So great to be with my church family again!

Back to full days this week… I will be posting more about my overall sabbatical learnings… Looking forward to the journey ahead!

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