What Brings You to Rest?


Noon Rest from Work – Van Gogh, source: Wikipedia

What gifts in your life enable you to rest? 

Perhaps it is beauty, music, nature, textures like blankets and quilts, food, the embrace of family and friends, or works of art? 

What kinds of things bring you to true rest? 

What things bring you into God’s presence? 

Most of all, meditation on God’s word brings us to spiritual rest. 

Yet, whatever gives us physical rest can also put us more deeply in touch with the grace of God. 

It is important to be mindful of things that prompt you to emotional, mental, and physical rest which will aid in bringing about spiritual rest (being in God’s presence.)

What can you intentionally practice this week to be in rest?

Some thoughts after reading Marva J Dawn’s sabbatical book entitled, “Keeping the Sabbath Wholly: Ceasing, Resting, Embracing, Feasting”

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