A Thousand Ways to Kill Jesus

Who in your life told you the truth about yourself so clearly that you wanted to kill them for it?
…Who in your life has represented Jesus Christ in your life?

True friends love you in truth, show you the way and want you to know full life… so much that they’re willing to die for you… even by your own hand… or at the least, be verbally abused by you.

Jesus is the light of the world.
You will either worship Him or do everything you can to snuff Him out.

There are a thousand ways to kill Jesus in your life… you don’t need a cross and nails… one is by keeping your mouth shut when someone asks if you know Him. Or by failing to stand for truth when a fight is about to break out between the weak and the strong.

Do you claim to know the mind of God, yet so prepared to use force if necessary? Jesus comes as a mirror in our lives. He reveals truth to us and if we are so appalled by it, we will do everything we can to smash Him to pieces.

(Thoughts after reading Barbara Brown Taylor, “Truth to Tell”)

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