The Countdown to My Sabbatical

I’ve been counting down to my sabbatical for a year now and preparing myself and my ministry team for my departure during March to June of 2014. I did a truck load of research in order to propose a sabbatical and I’m very grateful my leadership has granted this. Our church has never had a sabbatical policy before, only study leaves. As a result, my experience will be the first for pastors in our church.

I am grateful for the years of blessing and fruitful ministry God has invited me to be a part of in the church family I pastor in. I began attending in 2001, employment began in June 2006 as assistant to a previous Pastor and I became an Associate Pastor in 2007 and later Credentialed. Seven years later, I seek to abide by recommendations of our Conference and of other learned mentors and pastors to take sabbatical.

I will be commissioned on March 16th and present my sabbatical plan to my church family. In the meantime, I will be sharing a few posts and sources that I’ve found helpful in designing my plan. Stay tuned…

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