A Sweet Aroma in The Midst of Trials

I loved a devotional as I enjoyed my morning coffee on the deck…

It told me that in the midst of trials, our prayers are a still a sweet aroma to Christ. When I was in my deepest pit and called out to Him, it was sweet to Him! It wasn’t received reluctantly.

My friend, it tells me not only does He love your personal honesty in the depths you find yourself in, but when you pray for others while you yourself are in the doldrums, that too is sweet to Him. So on days you can’t lift a prayer for yourself, may you simply start by lifting a prayer for others in the confidence that He is leaning forward and listening intently. Then perhaps you may find the topic slowly changing from crying out for your loved ones to a personal call for help. And you can be sure He is hearing you lovingly and intently. And to top it all off, I picture His angels ready to act upon His command.

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