A Fire in My Heart

“You cannot kindle a fire in any other heart until it is burning within your own.”

This is why I pray for passion to do what I do. I never want to do life on my own strength and enthusiasm. That’s simply boring… and insulting to God and His big plan of spreading hope to the world.

May it be God at work and flowing in me and not my mere humanity. No one wants to see a side show trick but longs to see the glory of God whether or not one knows it. We long for something more! We long for our Creator.

May you and I bring others to know Him and His amazing grace, mercy and love… and not merely be a cool friend to others.

Share His love. Ours only goes so far.

One thought on “A Fire in My Heart

  1. this is so very true. ive been thru so much, countless emotionally crippling experiances. my whole life ive yearned for something greater than myself, something greater than the tourture i continued to face. i found his love thru vessels such as yourself. ive been on fire for God many times but until i done everything within me that i needed to do i truly could not gain the inspiration i needed to finally take that step in love. true love is what lead me to the very moment of realization that i was in a position to make the greatest leap of faith ive ever experianced. thru love all things r possible. thru websites and such i personally feel that His word and love may reach other people in the same situation.


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