When You Are In Desperate Need of Hope

“I never thought this day would come. I am a divorced woman.”

Blanca says it like she’s long known what she would say if this moment ever came.

“When I became a Christian, my husband, he left me. He was jealous of my love of God and he beat me and he was angry that I loved Jesus and he leaves me for another woman.”

Blanca says this, her eyes never leaving mine and I wasn’t ready for this. For persecution and abuse and shatteredness, all in the first five minutes.

That a love for Jesus could leave you unloved and a relationship with your Father can leave you abandoned by your husband and she stands so straight, her faith-filled eyes never wavering.

Lidia stands behind her mother, and I look over at her, eyes so dark, fleeting, nameless shadows, and her and I, we are both daughters of the broken. I try to hold her gaze long.


When You Are In Desperate Need of Hope » A Holy Experience.

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