A Prayer for Revealing Jesus through Our Brokenness

This post by Scott Smith just nails it today… perfect to pray over hurting families!

“Dear Jesus, to compare my season of stress with the apostle Paul’s would be like comparing my guitar playing with Eric Clapton’s, my dancing with the cast of River Dance, or my cooking skill with Mario Batali. There’s simply no comparison. When I consider everything your servant Paul experienced, I have nothing to bemoan or groan about—the whine meter doesn’t register very much…”

Read… A Prayer for Revealing Jesus through Our Brokenness – Heavenward by Scotty Smith.

Published by merri ellen g :)

I love choosing freedom and joy and bringing others along with me on the journey. :) I am a child of God,…a gold miner… a treasure hunter, a mentor, a life coach, a spiritual director, once a traditional church pastor – now a church planter of disciple making movements, a teacher, a researcher, a hungry prayer warrior, a loyal friend, a fellow traveller and an avid explorer. 🙂

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