When Our Needs Aren’t Met… We Leave

We live in a culture that tells us, when our needs aren’t met we can leave. We can leave the marriage, we can leave the school, we can leave the church. There’s little thought to how we can make things better. There’s no thought to what ‘my’ part is. But, this is the great deception of the Enemy. I’ve no doubt he says to himself, “If I can get them to think only of themselves, I will have them in my grasp and they will damage those around them.” Granted there are dire reasons to leave a marriage, a school and even a church but when people say: “My needs weren’t being met”, I get sick. There goes destruction of society. The breakdown of community.

We are called to listen to the Holy Spirit’s leading in our lives. Stop listening to the voice of the Enemy and stop letting him use us to destroy others around us.

Stop asking what the school, the marriage, the church can do for you. Ask what you can do to make a difference! Be a leader. If you choose to be a leader, you also model to others what it means to be a leader. That is true integrity. That is the build up of community.

How to destroy the world? Think only of yourself and getting your own needs met. Complain when others don’t meet your needs. That will surely destroy your family, your friends, your community. Be different. Choose to build up others. Encourage others. Commend others. Offer help to others. You see a need? Offer to help fill it. That is integrity. That is a true leader.

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