Wives: How Not to Change Your Man

“If today you decided you wanted to change your husband, you wouldn’t be short of resources on telling you how to do it. Just a simple Google search on “how to change your man” turns up any number of purportedly helpful blogs, articles, and commentary on how to go about fixing all the things you might say are wrong with your spouse… How does God call us, as wives, to respond to our husbands’ perceived shortcomings?”

Read… How Not to Change Your Man | The Mars Hill Blog.

Published by merri ellen g :)

I love choosing freedom and joy and bringing others along with me on the journey. :) I am a child of God,…a gold miner… a treasure hunter, a mentor, a life coach, a spiritual director, once a traditional church pastor – now a church planter of disciple making movements, a teacher, a researcher, a hungry prayer warrior, a loyal friend, a fellow traveller and an avid explorer. 🙂

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