Hybrid Church: ReThinking the Great Commission

Another beautiful thing happened recently in my city… 2 pastors from 2 different churches confessed to their congregations that the way they have been doing church is off… Instead, followers of Jesus are ALL called to be pastors and should be going out as Jesus did, not bringing people to church programs and relying on a human to feed them, but rather Holy Spirit to teach and lead them out to heal the sick, bring freedom etc. Wow! Sounds like a great shift is going to happen in institutional churches in my city!

One MB church is teaching their people about disciple-making movements. I was invited to share testimonies there recently, about what has been happening since I began prayer-walking and going out on the street with others seeing people healed and come to Christ.

Pretty exciting to see more institutional church pastors willing to work themselves out of a job! When I was in such a role, I remember the Lord began to say to me: “The best pastors work themselves out of a job.” LOL I guess I needed a boost!

For the past few years, many of us folks have been intentionally prayer walking around churches and neighbourhoods sensing this shift to increase. I kept hearing: “Let the cows out of the barn!”

If you’re a pastor, be encouraged with this post on how to BE the church in a hybrid fashion… 

Read Roy’s: “Hybrid Church” here

Longer video but poor quality: Roy Moran – Hybrid Church: ReThinking the Great Commission

One pastor’s thoughts on Roy Moran’s other book: “Spent Matches”

Spent Matches – Roy’s book on being apart of an institutional church but with a missional focus.

2 thoughts on “Hybrid Church: ReThinking the Great Commission

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