Lenten Reading for Palm Sunday, the Sixth Sunday in Lent:

Light two candles.

God made very sure that we could understand who He is, what He is like, and what He wants for and from us. He did this by sending his Son, Jesus. Now we don’t have just the written Word, we have the Living Word—a real person. When people watched Jesus, they were seeing God. When He entered Jerusalem riding on a donkey (a symbol of humility and gentleness), they praised Him…

Mark 11:1-10

BUT even God himself, God in person, was later rejected. That same crowd who praised Him, would later turn on Him. People hated him and rejected his message.

John 3:16; Luke 2:6-7; Isaiah 53:3; Mark 10:32-34

1. Read the passages above slowly. (Click on the passages for the link.)
2. Linger with them quietly.
3. Ask God what He is saying to you and how He invites you to respond.
4. Write out or say a prayer back to Him.
5. Thank Him for His message to you today.

Snuff out the next candle. Do not light again until Easter Sunday.

More reflections to come…

Sources: Some of my own and some adapted from Noel Piper, http://www.desiringgod.org/articles/lenten-lights

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