Daily Prompts With Jesus

While on sabbatical, I learned to practice the presence of God all through my day. I had learned about this over 20 years ago, but over sabbatical I got to dig in deeper. I put the following prompts in my phone to remind me… Others have adopted this and have found it a valuable practice. Feel free to adopt too and try it out… (You’ll find helpful links at the after my screenshots below to learn more…)


To learn more…

The Practice of the Presence of God (Amazon link to book)

Five Prayer Focuses of Examen (Thank you Jesus at the end of the day) (click to download doc)

Pray as you go (iTunes podcast reflective scripture prayer link) – Pray-as-you-go brings together music, a passage of scripture and a few questions for personal reflection in a new 10-13 minute prayer session every day.

Sacred Pauses: Spiritual Practices for Personal Renewal (Amazon link to book)

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