Personal Daily Practices by Dallas Willard – (YouTube) Interview

Dallas Willard is another modern day theologian who practiced Spiritual Disciplines regularly. He wrote, “The Spirit of the Disciplines” which I have purchased to read while on Sabbatical. Here’s a personal interview with him on his personal practices…

“Dallas’ Personal Daily Practices?” by Dallas Willard – YouTube.

Some points…

Start the day with meditation on Scripture.

Be with Jesus daily and all through the day!

Enjoy a daily prayer life, a daily rhythm with Jesus.

See yourself addressing your Heavenly Father. Think of His loving nature. Recognize the presence of God in your day.

Your quiet time can last all the day long. Take breaks throughout the day to pause in His presence.

Some days you need to be intentional about solitude, prayer, Bible memory, fasting…

One of the signs of healthy disciplines, is how you feel when you don’t do them.

Guilt is not a good motivator for a healthy spiritual life.

Disciplines are not righteousness, they are wisdom.

There are things you need to do daily in blessing, not in bondage! There are things you need to do weekly, monthly, annually… Fasting half days, full days, 3 days…

Enjoy these Scriptural posts…

Psalm 23

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