A New Year… To Refocus

A Blessed New Year. I pray you had a Merry Christmas reflecting on the love of God coming down for you.

This Christmas season was a deep one for me actually. Here’s a bit of honesty… Over the holidays, I met with many people who are experiencing deep loss. So, I found myself continually reflecting on the gift of Jesus in the midst of grief and sorrow. And I was in prayer for many of the families I minister to!

Too, I was sick for most of it so I spent most of my time in bed and drinking tea and reading books. I guess I needed that.

I’ve chosen to pray this New Year’s prayer as I seek God to renew my purpose and passion…


When I returned, I enjoyed a day of prayer to help me refocus on the year ahead. I asked God to bless families, to seek His wisdom, His strength, and to know His peace and faithful presence in the year ahead. I thanked God for the blessings of last year and for His direction on the year ahead… asking Him to help us refocus as families as we continue adventuring through God’s Story!

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