Giving Thanks

“Each day that we live,
he provides for our needs
and gives us the strength
of a young eagle.
For all who are mistreated,
the [Lord] brings justice.
The [Lord] is merciful!
He is kind and patient,
and his love never fails.
The [Lord] won’t always be angry
and point out our sins;
he doesn’t punish us
as our sins deserve.
How great is God’s love for all
who worship him?
Greater than the distance
between heaven and earth!
How far has the [Lord] taken
our sins from us?
Farther than the distance
from east to west!
The [Lord] is always kind
to those who worship him,
and he keeps his promises
to their descendants
who faithfully obey him.”
(PSALMS 103:5, 6, 8-12, 17, 18 CEV)

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