My Christmas Prayer

Dear Father,

May our hearts truly sing that your grace is enough. That we may not get lost in comfort and luxury nor heartache and despair. Lord, bring each one of us face to face this season with who you are and how much you love us – and loved us enough to move into our world and rescue it. Thank you that you didn’t leave us in our mess but you came to be born in one of the messiest places on earth – a stable with smelly animals and yet rightly worshiped by wisemen and lowly shepherds -and that was just the beginning! The Myrrh told us you would be Redeemer, the Frankincense told us you would bridge the gap between us and the Father. You would become our Priest who offered Himself as the final sacrifice, and the Gold told us you would be King of kings – a king not of this world. May each one ask ourselves, do I truly know you Jesus as my Redeemer, my Priest and King of my life? May we all know your peace that is beyond understanding and celebrate the wonder of you- our Saviour! And for those of us who have long known this mystery but are too shy to share it, we ask you to bless us with courage to step out of our comfort zones and share with the people around us this Christmas.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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