Hanging On Because You Have To

Aug 29-2010: It’s very hard to not let others’ pessimism affect you while in ministry. This has been one of those years for me. Those who are slowly dying in their faith and trust of a Big God can slowly paralyze you too if you’re not careful. You ask for prayer for families in crisis and they don’t believe God can deliver. Sadly, you too can get caught up in a faithless journey. All the more reason to rest in God’s Word, love and serve others, and pray with those whose faith has stood the many tests.


I love spending time with those who’ve walked this path, who are prayer warriors and who refuse to rely on their own talents and skills to get the mission done. They refuse to see church as an entertainment complex but they see it as a family who loves each other, is committed to each other and who worships a BIG GOD together. I love hearing stories from those who HAD to do this in times of desperation. I love hearing how God came through and so often it’s not how they originally pictured, but God is bigger than our selfish plans. God wants to show up in our lives but so often we don’t invite him.


Today we live in a fat and happy world for the most part and we don’t really know what it means to come together in a time of crisis and be completely committed to each other. Haiti, Pakistan, Thailand – more and more are finding out what true community is all about. I wonder what God will send us in order to wake US up?


Sadly, we are people who when things get too tough, we quit. We quit our jobs, our marriages, our churches… and yet He is faithful and promises to never leave us. God is a Big God who refuses to quit on us. For that I am hanging on. After all he hung on a cross for me.

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