Are You Really Following?

“Well done, good and faithful servant.” One day I hope Jesus will say these words to me. There’s no one else we should be trying to please.

Take 15-20 minutes this week, find a quiet place, grab your Bible and go through this reflective study…

Two simple yet challenging words fell from Jesus’ lips as He traveled throughout Israel: “Follow Me.” But, following Jesus isn’t always easy, comfortable, or convenient. When the press of daily life overshadows your commitment, consider what the Scriptures teach about discipleship… Thankfully we are in process of following Jesus. God’s Spirit is our comforter. If you feel inadequate after reading these passages, ask Him to guide you to follow Jesus in all areas of your life.

Visit the following linked page, print it out, and spend time in the Word this week and with your Heavenly Father who wants to use YOU to do His mighty work! 🙂

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