Come Away From Rush and Hurry

As you know, I’m on sabbatical and I awhile ago finished enjoying Marva Dawn’s book, “Keeping the Sabbath Wholly.” This past weekend, I went away on a retreat. The first song we sang was… Come Away From Rush and Hurry Marva J. Dawn (To the tune of “Come Thou Fount”) Come away from rush andContinue reading “Come Away From Rush and Hurry”

His Presence

I just completed this compilation of Brother Lawrence and Frank Laubach’s journals and letters. What a powerful yet simple read. A classic indeed! A perfect read for my sabbatical… I have and will be sharing quotes from it in my posts. An excerpt from my first phase sabbatical report… “Now, I’ve started to re-read FrankContinue reading “His Presence”

Put the Book Down and Just Listen

On my Sabbatical I am immersing myself in Scripture, especially this week as I reflect on Christ’s journey to the cross, in order to hear His voice personally and to be mastered by Him. Yesterday I was moved to tears as I listened (in my ear buds to a dramatized rendition of the book ofContinue reading “Put the Book Down and Just Listen”

Sabbath Celebration Using our Senses

Marva J Dawn in her book Keeping the Sabbath Wholly: Ceasing, Resting, Embracing, Feasting on p.199 touched on celebrating God on Sundays using all our senses… I love this! Early on Palm Sunday morning, with our boys while sitting in the morning sun on our deck, we asked each other what we could sense aroundContinue reading “Sabbath Celebration Using our Senses”

What Brings You to Rest?

  What gifts in your life enable you to rest?  Perhaps it is beauty, music, nature, textures like blankets and quilts, food, the embrace of family and friends, or works of art?  What kinds of things bring you to true rest?  What things bring you into God’s presence?  Most of all, meditation on God’s wordContinue reading “What Brings You to Rest?”

The Depth of Sundays

The depth and richness of a Sunday / Sabbath is created by how we behave on the other six days of the week; they are the journey or pilgrimage to Sunday!   Enjoy reading the following books to learn more: The Rest of God by Mark Buchanan Keeping the Sabbath Wholly by Marva J DawnContinue reading “The Depth of Sundays”

True Intimacy Is My Desire : My Sabbatical Longing

This is my heart’s desire, what I long for in my sabbatical and beyond… And for each of my church family… to truly know Jesus intimately. Lyrics below YouTube clip… “True Intimacy” Whatever I hold There’s nothing compares To having You close True intimacy is my desire To catch Your whispers To carry Your fireContinue reading “True Intimacy Is My Desire : My Sabbatical Longing”

Taking Time to Rest with God | My Sabbatical Journey

My sabbatical journey – Philip Gunther I just returned to my post as senior pastor at Parliament (MB) Community Church, Regina, after a seven-month sabbatical – my first in 20 years of ministry. As I contemplated taking a sabbatical, I wondered: How should I prepare? What will I experience? What is a sabbatical? Read… TakingContinue reading “Taking Time to Rest with God | My Sabbatical Journey”