Easter Song – Keith Green

Totally retro Easter song in my head all day long! 🙂 He is risen! Hear the bells ringing They’re singing that you can be born again Hear the bells ringing They’re singing Christ is risen from the dead The angel up on the tombstone Said He has risen, just as He said Quickly now, goContinue reading “Easter Song – Keith Green”

Easter Song: Holy (Wedding Day)

“Holy (Wedding Day)” The City Harmonic  This is the story of the Son of God Hanging on the cross for me But it ends with a bride and groom And a wedding by a glassy sea O death where is your sting Cause I’ll be there singing Holy Holy Holy Is the Lord This isContinue reading “Easter Song: Holy (Wedding Day)”

Wind of the Spirit

Your wind is blowing across this lonely land. We are Your messengers, Your touch is in our hands. Use us, Lord Jesus, to care for our friends. Help us to love them, it’s Your great command. Oh, wind of the Spirit, fill the sails of my soul – send us on, Lord, let your windContinue reading “Wind of the Spirit”

Song of the Day: The Time is Now – Phil Wickham

The Time is Now – Phil Wickham “Let light and love come rushing through the door!” Press play and then scroll down to enjoy the lyrics… “The Time Is Now” The battle line is drawn it’s all in black and white Hope is going forward and fear from behind It’s time It’s time to makeContinue reading “Song of the Day: The Time is Now – Phil Wickham”

Brokenness Aside

All Sons & Daughters – Brokenness Aside Will your grace run out If I let you down ‘Cause all I know Is how to run ‘Cause I am a sinner If its not one thing its another Caught up in words Tangled in lies You are the Savior And you take brokenness aside And makeContinue reading “Brokenness Aside”

Brokenness Aside

Brokenness Aside Written by Leslie Jordan and David Leonard Performed by All Sons & Daughters (Lyrics below, scroll down for the audio…) Will your grace run out If I let you down ‘Cause all I know Is how to run ‘Cause I am a sinner If its not one thing its another Caught up inContinue reading “Brokenness Aside”

Come Away From Rush and Hurry

As you know, I’m on sabbatical and I awhile ago finished enjoying Marva Dawn’s book, “Keeping the Sabbath Wholly.” This past weekend, I went away on a retreat. The first song we sang was… Come Away From Rush and Hurry Marva J. Dawn (To the tune of “Come Thou Fount”) Come away from rush andContinue reading “Come Away From Rush and Hurry”

Nothing I Hold On To

A simple yet powerful prayer put to song …one I learned on my Sabbatical… I have sung this song literally walking up a mountain with hands wide open and weeping,… giving over all my burdens for Him to carry… Nothing I Hold On To by Will Reagan and United Pursuit (Lyrics written out below, plusContinue reading “Nothing I Hold On To”

Easter Song: Jesus is Alive : Rain for Roots – YouTube (Ellie Holcomb)

This is a song from a great little kids album called Rain for Roots. Making new songs, for children, about the old Story. You can listen to the whole album here: http://rainforroots.bandcamp.com/album/big-stories-for-little-ones

Were You There? (Good Friday Song)

This song brought tears to my eyes this Good Friday as I pondered who wrote it… a people very much in suffering. (I attended a memorial for Jesus. Quite a different perspective. Since I’ve been to many memorials recently, it was very thought provoking to reflect on the life of Jesus in this way andContinue reading “Were You There? (Good Friday Song)”