‘Doing’ Church – “We make victims of our heroes.”

“Doing” Church in North America – “We make victims of our heroes.” Graham Cooke brilliantly describes how “doing” church today must start with leaders who can model freedom. He goes onto say that church revolves around 3 types of people: Initiators, Enablers and Resisters. He skillfully describes if that if we have any hopes of accomplishing […]

What should women do?

“Just imagine what would happen to this church if all the women left.” The looks on the men’s faces turned from indifference to shock and horror. They realized that the vast majority of the ‘hands on’ ministering was happening because of women. The women were faithful and valuable to building God’s kingdom! Jesus has tons of things to say […]

Women Divided

How beautiful it is when women do life/walk/pray/disciple together in community. It is no wonder…the enemy is threatened by the power of women in unity. It is no wonder that one of his strategies is to divide women. (Not just men against women and vice versa.) Yes, the enemy hates women in unity, discipling others together. In the […]

Healing Prayer For Harmful Memories

Have you ever seen something that brought you distress or even traumatized you? Do you have any harmful images you’ve internalized that periodically come back to upset you? What do you do with these harmful memories and images? Read: Healing Prayer for Harmful Images (Soul Shepherding)  

Prayers: Healing Heart Wounds

How can you receive healing in your heart wounds? If this can be helpful for others, I’m sharing the goods! 🙂 This below is some material that was given to me after I was prayed over by others for 3 hours to break word curses spoken over me that perhaps accumulated over 10 years of […]

Can God trust us to anoint us?

Can God trust us as the church today in order to anoint us? We have 2 options… (A Divine Confrontation by Graham Cooke) Thoughts to Ponder: Friendships led by the Holy Spirit lead to God’s power and anointing! How are you investing in the relationships around you? What is your motivation in investing in others? […]

A Lifestyle of Lingering

What religion does not consider is that the fragrance follows the oil. When you linger in His presence, He will change you. When you choose to lean on your beloved, your heart shifts. The church does not need more programs or printed bulletins. We have a surplus of whitewashed tombs. The church needs to get intimate with the bridegroom, seeking His […]

When Men are Silent

What happens when men keep silent…? (I wrote a post recently… When We Silence Women …but let us also highlight the value of men’s voices…)  We need to hear both voices of men and women, not spoken in fleshly anger, but in bold Spirit-led risk-taking obedience… Dr Larry Crabb reminds us of the value of men’s voices… I always […]

Are you a dreamer?

In my time of resting, God continues to invite me to think outside the box. I feel like He keeps inviting me to be hungry for more. Here’s what I’m learning about dreams (the long forgotten language for many)… thanks to Murray Dueck. (A link to his book can be found at the bottom. Here’s an intro…) […]

A Future Not Our Own – Oscar Romero

This comes from Archbishop Oscar Romero who was killed in his church in El Salvador by a right-wing death squad on March 24th, 1980 out of his commitment to the poor… A Future Not Our Own It helps, now and then, to step back and take the long view. The kingdom is not only beyond […]