Are you suffering on the inside?

There are 4 traditional approaches to discipleship that actually lead to bondage: Osmosis: Get people to attend church and serve faithfully. Academics: Teach information about the faith. Behaviour: Establish performance expectations for church members. Church: Train people to invite others, serve, and join a small group.  These 4 things above may have good elements but withoutContinue reading “Are you suffering on the inside?”

My journey as a Christian Life Coach and Spiritual Director in Canada

My journey so far as a Christian Life Coach and Spiritual Director in Canada has been FAR FROM BORING. Each day I feel like I’m walking the Emmaus Road with Jesus and my clients. 😀 I was recently asked how I got into this journey… Throughout my life I have noticed that people have comeContinue reading “My journey as a Christian Life Coach and Spiritual Director in Canada”

How can you tell if the enemy (has even subtly) gotten a foothold in your life?

(I was asked this question yesterday by my students just before leading an interactive group coaching class online…)   I first pointed them to Ephesians 4. Take a moment today to read it. I’ve seen the enemy get a foothold in people’s lives WAY too may times – as this passage explains.   Secondly, read 1Continue reading “How can you tell if the enemy (has even subtly) gotten a foothold in your life?”

Three Main Blocks to Your Healing and Freedom

As I walk with people, I have noticed 3 major blocks to healing and freedom. These 3 main blocks are like umbrellas that cover us and keep us from truth raining down to seep into our heads and hearts. Instead, they cover us in lies… Here are the 3 main blocks: Pride. : We thenContinue reading “Three Main Blocks to Your Healing and Freedom”

Am I Being Deceived?

This past year, I had the joy of walking with a woman coming out of the New Age movement. In fact, she had once been a New Age teacher. We started with Scriptures in our sessions and took our time before we began asking Jesus questions. Her heart now was so beautifully hungry and thirstyContinue reading “Am I Being Deceived?”

God, our Almighty Nurturer and Protector (Mother’s Day)

Today, going over this message I once gave on Mother’s Day in 2015 blew me away… I needed to read this once again… to see the way God has THE BEST MOTHER HEART (He created mothers after all!!) Maybe you need this today too…? (I changed some of the language to reflect that it’s nowContinue reading “God, our Almighty Nurturer and Protector (Mother’s Day)”

What does it take for you to grow?

As I meet with my Life Coaching clients, I notice that some lives transform faster than others. Lately, the Lord has been waking me up at 4:33am, 4:11am… The theme God keeps growing in me is this… Planting His seeds (His wisdom, revelation, healing…) …requires first a healthy heart soil (healed heart) …and a renewedContinue reading “What does it take for you to grow?”

Women, have you been silenced?

  My heart loves to walk with women who have been silenced. Why? Because their voice holds a key to healing – their own healing and the healing of MANY others. I have been coaching people since 2003 online in over 120 countries. I especially love walking women through this journey of being silenced. IfContinue reading “Women, have you been silenced?”

Your church is shut down – due to virus. Now what?

What do you do when your church is shut down due to the Corona virus or persecution? The systems may crash, but… There is actually new opportunity! I see the church shifting in beautiful ways… ***This link below was originally posted in Feb 2018. Notice the title of the post? Since the Corona Virus, thisContinue reading “Your church is shut down – due to virus. Now what?”

A Pastor’s Confession

This is my confession. I’m sorry… To all the people who I once pastored in an institutional church… I am sorry that I didn’t know then what I know now. My church and Bible school experience did not adequately prepare me to walk you to complete freedom in Jesus’ name. Nor did I disciple you howContinue reading “A Pastor’s Confession”